“Having continual issues with back and neck pain for over fifteen years, Dr. Greg has for the past several years, has been instrumental in continual gentle care and treatment. With each visit, he assesses and adjusts to eliminate the stress on my body. His meticulous care has allowed me to do the things in life that I enjoy-running, hiking, skydiving and scuba. The support staff is friendly and efficient and the massage therapists-wonderful!  Overall, Northern Chiropractic is a major contribution to a full and exciting life. Thanks Dr. Greg, Diana and staff.”
Nanci L. – Eagle River

“In April 2010 I made a trip to Maui with five girlfriends. While there I was hit from behind by a monster wave. I left Maui the next day barely able to move with shoulder and back pain and headaches. The day after I came home I saw Dr. Greg for the first time. After my treatment and massage I was better in a mere 24hrs. The staff is always friendly. They know me by name and are always willing to fit me in for impromptu care.

Having had two hip replacements, Dr. Greg is always helping me and his care is protective of my hips. He has even helped my youngest daughter. After two weeks of adjustments she has been free of her daily migraine headaches for one year. Professional, courteous and like family. It is the best!”
Keiko T. – Chugiak

“I had been to other chiropractors before and had bad experiences, so I stopped going for years. However, after sleeping wrong one night I needed to go to someone. My co-workers recommended Dr. Greg and the crew at Northern Chiropractic. My first visit was awesome!! I felt right at home. Everyone is sooo friendly and professional. I have been a client now since 2008 and recommend Dr. Greg to everyone who comes across my path. He has helped with my migraines and other health problems. They always listen and the massages are terrific.”
Janese M. – Wasilla

“I came to Northern Chiropractic after I injured my back in a car accident several years ago. Dr. Greg and his staff were very professional and got me back to work. Since then I come in for maintenance or whenever my back acts up. I always have good results from chiropractic. Thanks Northern Chiropractic!”
Lane D. – Eagle River

I leave the clinic always feeling better!

“My success story started approximately 13 years ago. Dr. Greg and his staff are fantastic (especially Erin). Dr. Greg has helped me through some rough times with my back and tennis elbow. I leave the clinic always feeling better.

If you need to get in without and appointment they will always work you in.

I love Dr. Greg and his staff!!”
Kathy H. – Chugiak

Thanks for a pain free life!

“Where do I start? I have lived the majority of my life dealing with back pain. All of the personnel have helped me get to the point where back pain is the oddity instead of the norm. I am listened to, asked persistent questions, called by my first name and made to feel I am seriously cared for. I cannot express my gratitude for everyone clear down to the financial aspect. God bless all of you and thanks for a pain free life.”
Louise B. – Eagle River

I was able to walk without assistance!

“It is always the best thing when one discovers a healthcare professional such as Dr. Greg. In terrible pain I went to his office seeking relief. As soon as I entered the waiting room I was treated with compassion and concern from the office staff. Dr. Greg took deliberate and substantial time to assess my problems. After a few weeks of adjustments I was able to walk without assistance and resume daily activities so important to me. I give thanks every day that Dr. Greg is part of my medical team.”
Anne G.- Eagle River

It makes such a difference!

“Dr. Greg and his staff are some of the best people around. I have been seeing Dr. Greg for chiropractic adjustments for the past seven to eight years, and it makes such a difference. I’m not one of the most… well, graceful folks and I have often needed to come see Dr. Greg for an acute pain situation.

The ladies up front are always great about working with me to get the pain taken care of quickly. I see Dr. Greg for a regular adjustment and Diana for a massage once a month, and my body knows if it has been more than four weeks! My entire family has reaped the benefits of this wonderful office and all they have to offer.”
Cassie P. – Eagle River

All in all, you rock!

“The office is always friendly and positive and work extra hard to fit me in a tight schedule. They explore different ways to help relieve my pain and stiffness. All in all, you rock!”
Craig D. – Anchorage

Dr. Greg was able to help me!

“Before I went to see Dr. Greg, I was experiencing migraine like headaches on a daily basis along with a tingling numbness down my legs. Dr. Greg was able to help both of these, and now four months later I’m experiencing no numbness and only rarely a headache.

The staff at Northern Chiropractic is always very pleasant and friendly and willing to work with my schedule. I can even bring my two little kids in with me to appointments! I am so glad I found Dr. Greg and Northern Chiropractic; it was a wonderful decision for my health and well-being!”
Melissa A. – Eagle River

Great staff and the massages are awesome!

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Greg I would have ended with an unnecessary surgery. Great staff and the massages are awesome.”
Donna W. – Eagle River

I am physically successful in my life!

“I can’t remember the event that brought me to Northern Chiropractic, but I do know that Dr. Greg and the wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful staff saw me comfortably through my pregnancy and continue to ensure that I am physically successful in my life.”
Nichole P. – Eagle River

Northern Chiropractic got my back!

“I have been a patient at Northern Chiropractic for the past eight years or so and the staff is happy and friendly. Starting at the front desk… Erin is very friendly and smiling. Julia and Arielle are very knowledgeable and helpful with all medical billings. Carma is so personable and friendly. Both Barb and Diana are so good at what they do; they make me feel so relaxed and refreshed. Most of all Dr. Greg is very kind and gentle with most of my visits. I would recommend Northern Chiropractic to anyone and the staff makes most of my visits painless. “Northern Chiropractic got my back!”
Nancy D. – Eagle River